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Bright Light Solar VCC offers an outstanding, low-risk, non-correlated and highly attractive cash generative solar, efficient energy and water solution investment targeted at high net worth Investors.

As a result of the substantial incentive offered through S12J of the Income Tax Act, the full cost of the investment is deductible against the Investor’s taxable income. This provides the Investor with an immediate benefit, equivalent to the Investor’s marginal tax rate multiplied by the investment amount.

Bright Light Solar VCC invests in Qualifying Companies focused on long-term solar and efficient energy, as well as water projects. Qualifying Companies provide customers with a fully funded, installed and maintained utility solution by signing a long-term services and supply agreement at a rate lower than their current utility tariff (immediate saving to customer). Projects demonstrate predictable inflation-adjusted cash flows for our Investors.

The Investor receives the cash flow after expenses and taxes have been deducted, in the form of dividends on a semi-annual basis.

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